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Oriental Tours Egypt

Wednesday, 23. April 2014
Rules to plan Egypt tours
By orientaltours, 17:10

We all dream for extravagant and luxurious holidays but not all of us are destined to enjoy it. A luxurious holiday demands huge amount of money which is not possible for all. But just due to budget factors we should not get dishearten as holiday can be celebrated in less money and with more fun and enjoyment, these holidays are called budgeted holidays. There are few precautions that we need to take before heading on a holiday. Holidaying in foreign countries requires many things which shoot up the whole budget e.g. travelling expenses, food, guide and touring, accommodation and shopping. But there are ways through which we can budget our holidays and enjoy without shelling out extra bucks from our pockets.

Budgeted holidays are usually those holidays which are spent in far off countries e.g. Egypt. In order to tour Egypt in Cheap Egypt Travel Packages follows the three rules of holiday planning.

Planning: It is the most important part of any holiday. Planning should be the first thing done after deciding a holiday venture. Planning makes things easier and organized. Plan everything from travelling to shopping. Do a thorough research on the place you are going to visit.

Organizing: This should be the next step after planning, organizing things which you have planned. Organize them in a way that your work is done quickly and hassle free.

Executing: This is the final stage where you need to execute the idea which you have planned and organized. This should be very carefully done.

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Tuesday, 25. February 2014
Memorable journey with Felucca Sailing in The Nile
By orientaltours, 13:58

Exploring the Nile with the Felucca includes another of the adventure trips that might want to take up while your visit in this country. The Felucca is the boats that allow you to sail with your family or your lover as it allows you to explore the banks of the river Nile. Feluccas sailing in the Nile are furnished with the luxurious cushions and the tables that give you a picnic styled environment. They usually permits to take you for the sail during the days but can be extended with the advantage with one night staying at this beautiful boats.

There are several of the Feluccas from which one can easily choose to enjoy the Nile and the other attractions present on the banks of Nile. Some of the most astonishing in this category are:

• Oriental Dream Felucca It allows you to visit some of the exciting places in Egypt as well as allows you tasting the delicious cuisines it offers to the boarders. It also has the showers in the bathrooms that can let you to get fresh when you get to carry your shopping bags.

• Glory of Nubia It provides the daily tours along with the perfect homely ambience that you might anticipate while your long stays sailing on the river Nile. Along with the delicious cuisines it offers, it also has the factor of the itineraries that get the tourist to easily incline towards it. 

• Spring Time Felucca This boat allows you to sail along the river with the lunch and the dinners that would not only relish your eyes but also your heart. You can be assured of having the best Felucca sailing experiences in the Nile with Spring Time Felucca.

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Thursday, 30. January 2014
Travel to Egypt: 7 things, what to do and what not to do at night
By orientaltours, 04:29

Egypt is a country that attracts huge numbers of tourists each year. It is an extremely popular holiday destination with just the right ratio of culture, history, fun and luxury. Whether you are traveling Egypt by road or taking the more popular dahabiya Nile cruise, there are certain attractions in Egypt, which you must certainly not miss. Apart from the regular tourist destinations like the pyramids, which you must visit, there are other, more local things that you must also make sure that you do.

·         Dinner cruise on the Nile: if you are traveling the country on a dahabiya Nile cruise by OrientalToursEgypt, and then you will have the opportunity to do this almost every night. Otherwise, you can always make use of the very many small sailing boats in the Nile to have an intimate and romantic dinner on the most famous river in the world.

·         Shopping: Egypt, especially Cairo has amazing local markets that you cannot miss if you are fond of shopping. Interesting people and the chance to interact with the locals is an experience that is amazing.

·         Watch some of the best belly dancers in the world perform at truly exotic locations.

·         The light and sound show at the pyramids in the evening is not something to be missed. Visiting the pyramids in the evening is totally different from seeing them in the afternoon sun.


Dinner and dancing: There are very many famous dance clubs in Cairo where you can enjoy good music with good food and wine.

·         As a tourist you also need to be careful about personal safety. Be sure to not wander late at night alone and never step into dark alleys.

·         Do not drink tap water in Egypt since it might be polluted.

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Tuesday, 24. December 2013
Cruise Vacation Tips - Where Is the Most Stable Cabin on a Cruise Liner?
By orientaltours, 04:49

Choosing a most stable cabin can be challenging and fun at the same time, and not just a slight annoying on occasion. Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package is the best choice to make. However, before booking the cabin, ask yourself few questions as below:

Do you have a tendency to get sick while sailing?

Do you like to relax on your balcony rather than hanging with the crowd here and there in the pool vicinity?

On the other hand, is your plan is of a cruise cabin just a place to droop into bed –No fancy ideas essential?

Choosing Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package will ensure all your needs to have a great cruise vacation. Their amazing tailored Egypt Luxor packages will enable you to have great nights exploring wonders of Luxor cities. This exciting tour package includes Dahbeya Judi, Dahabeya Amoura, Princess Donia, Dahabeya Al- Pasha so on.

Dahbeya Judi of Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package is the kind of once in life time experience package. If you are a writer or artist or among those who don’t like to mingle with many people, will extremely enjoy this package. This small boat will allow you to grab pictures; artist can paint amazing sceneries as well. Dahabeya Amoura, this private Nile cruise sail can be a wonderful gift to your wife on her birthday or wedding anniversary celebration. Nevertheless, one can enjoy the concealed assets of ancient Egypt with small sailing boat of Dahabeya package called as Dahabeya Al- Pasha. This house boat sailing can make your family so excited and give a feeling of very distinctive experience.

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Friday, 08. November 2013
Explore Egypt with Oriental Tours Egypt
By orientaltours, 08:14

Egypt is among the top destination for travelling by most of the people across the world. By keeping this on mind we have arranged some attractive tour plans for the tourists; due to our customer handling and services we are on the top for last 17 years. Our company "Oriental Tours Egypt" has a bunch of excellent tour guides those who all know Egypt very well and able to communicate in English, Spanish, french and German which makes a strong communication between the travellers and the tour guide. By visiting our site you will be able to know all the details of our packages. We offer packages like Dahabeya Princess Dona, Dahabeya Amour and Dahabeya Judias well as Nile cruise and lots more.

We use to start with our visits of Luxor by exploring the Valley of the Kings, the necropolis of New Kingdom of ancient Egypt. We also cover the great tombs of Pharaohs within our all tour packages. All of these are available on board of our felucca sailing in the Nile, What a Magic! Have you ever thought that you would like to get a present to your wife? Here you can have private charter small boats in the Nile like our Dahabeya boats,sail down the Nile with this private Nile cruise celebrating birthday or anniversary. Just go for Oriental Tours Egypt Luxor Cruises Package and have a blast.

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Monday, 21. October 2013
Luxury Luxor Cruises, Egypt
By orientaltours, 05:37

Luxor is one of the major tourist locations in Egypt that attracts thousands of people from all parts of the earth. The place is home to some of the oldest buildings and temples of Egypt. If you are planning a special vacation this year, then visiting Egypt wouldn’t be a bad choice. However, before you book your tickets take a look at some of the finest features of this historical nation. Almost every tourist who visits Egypt spends a considerable part of his holiday in Luxor. One of the best features of Luxor is its Nile cruises. If you have a tourist guide, he would definitely advice you to opt for a luxurious Luxor cruise. Without Luxor cruises Egypt tours are incomplete. So, before you make your plans try to learn about different types of Luxor Cruises and their prices.

If you search for Luxor Cruises Egypt, you would find lot of information and pictures about different locations that make the cruise worthwhile. Timely enquiry is important if you are wishing to have a long boat journey. Nile cruises can go on for 5 to 7 days and even longer. There are so many luxury boats and 5 star houseboats that take tourists across the Nile river. The journey covers several villages and ancient cities that flank the banks of this legendry river.

There are several online tourism sites that can help you in locating some of the best Luxor cruises, Egypt tour packages and desert safaris. However, it is advisable to make some early enquires because holiday seasons are fast approaching.

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Saturday, 21. September 2013
Enjoy your long drive holidays with Nile Cruise
By orientaltours, 05:12

Want to filter your selected travelling places with your family members & friends in Egypt? Then no need to take a little while of tension regarding value of investment for your tour. An oriental tour is here who shut down your all problem with perfect solution.

Select your interested Nile cruise from a large selection. You will feel the real ancient Egypt with this tour. If you are a new visitor in Egypt then your travelling will not be completed without visiting Egypt Nile Cruises in Egypt. It is the best and excited tour to make your travel experience unforgettable. You can find many cruises near the Nile river but you have to take care while take a decision. Some are very expensive and some are very cheap and promise you to travel everything in the river. If you are with Travel Egypt Holidays then you don't need to worry about above problems. We have categorized all our Nile Cruise services into various categories. You can select any as per your requirement, budget and time. Quality food and travelling is our guarantee. So catch out all the facilities regarding best planned inclusive holidays with Oriental tours. There are various sites where expensive travel packages are available but this site is the best way where you can find all great valuable delivery features with historic sightseeing monuments with full of relaxation & comfort. So book now with special offer to full fill your whole Egypt vacation.

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Monday, 19. August 2013
Where to begin your excursion? Private Nile Cruise is exceptional or not
By orientaltours, 10:26

Need to take incredible spoiling cruising excursion from Nile Cruise? At that point the response ought to be yes due its adorable & stunning touring traveler places with full of finding, illumination. So for that Nile Cruise is the most ideal way where you can discover the step of sanctuaries, celebrated around the world legendry recorded historic points which are furnished the voyaging time between vacation spot & magnetic cruising experience. Voyaging Nile through journey is generally paramount which permits ancient pieces bank of stream which you never seen previously.

Provided that you truly intend to take the compelling minute & places entire around the antiquated planet the private Nile Cruise is best which is based extravagant radiant suites. Assuming that you need to begin your voyage for going through your huge with glorious travel additionally getting confounded that spot you need to pick. At that point doubtlessly Nile voyage rings a bell with full of stunning landmarks. At that point your issue understands out with fitting guide by oriental tours who convey your numerous types of issue with result in correct edge. So begin your trip with Private Nile cruise Egypt at authentic points of interest, for example the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, the Philae Temple and High Dam in Aswan or the Kom Ombo Temple in Kom Ombo. Nile travels might change significantly, however commonplace Nile travels are either three, four or seven nights. The shorter tours normally work between Luxor and Aswan, while the more extended travels make a trip further north to Dendera, frequently offering day tours overland to additional remote areas. Accordingly, a decently finish 14 day tour of Egypt may incorporate numerous days around Cairo, seeing the pyramids, historical centers and different artifacts, a short flight to Abu Simbel in the exact southern part of Egypt, finished by a seven day with nile cruise. Enjoy the gracious interior design of cruise with personalized service & feel the comfort luxury accommodations on Egyptian areas.

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Thursday, 01. August 2013
Egypt Dahabiya Nile Cruise – Book your Holiday with Luxury Experience
By orientaltours, 09:09

Is it true that you are searching for spending vacation around the world with heaps of stunning background? At that point Nile Dahabiya journey is the best spot where you can discover the full of history, society & civilization as you need to proceed onward. Individuals are such a great amount of electrified to go through their heavenly travel with full of attractive minute, significant disc suggestion & numerous more.

Make your voyaging anxiety free and get the full satisfaction in a tour with us. We have numerous working ranges separated from tours and ventures; those are hotel reservations, safaris, swooping, touring service, transportations and numerous more. We likewise book air transport tickets for you at shabby rates. It is our assurance that, you will never miss a solitary thing in Egypt. Our tour service and require relies on upon the sort of tour you are selecting. We additionally deal with individuals who have less plan and we administer as per that. Assuming that your plan is higher and then you can run with our richness Egypt tours. Dahabiya Nile Cruise is the best area based territory where you can discover the exceptional settlement floats with great environment like cooled suits, dinning bars, pools which make your touring characteristics more expressive. Need to delight in with journey? Then stay in excess of 3 to 4 nights feel the richness boats & get the assistance of chronicled touring landscapes by cruise control.

Searching for go through the get-away with your family & companions? At that point make your excursion to Nile Dahabiya & feel the richness journey experience according to your ideal way. Travellers searching for richness, boutique choice can take a trek on a Nile Dahabiya. These are an extraordinary elective to the bigger sumptuousness Dahabiya Nile cruise vessels as they are much more modest. Want to take more cruise boats with full of design & features? Then have touch at & catch out the journey excursions.

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Monday, 22. July 2013
Create your own magical Nile cruise in Egypt from these choices
By orientaltours, 07:52

One of the most interesting ways to take in the sights of ancient Egypt is with a Nile cruise in Egypt. Nile cruises normally begin in Aswan and go towards Luxor in the south but you can also begin in Luxor and go upwards towards Aswan. The fascinating Temple of KomOmbo and the spectacular Valley of Kings will be your major stops. There are many ways to take a Nile cruise in Egypt and you can opt for any of the following:

The most common way to cruise down the Nile is, of course, by the big liners which cover more days than the small sailing boats. Most trips start at Aswan and go downstream to Luxor. The large cruise ships offer all modern amenities and come in various price ranges.

Travelling on the dahabiya, on the other hand, gives you a unique opportunity to go back to colonial times when these sailing boats were very much in use by royalty and the nobility. Handcrafted in wood, this elegant sailing boat is the ideal way to relax with a smaller group of people and it also makes stops at offbeat historical sights which big liners are unable to do. The other fascinating way to take a Nile Cruises is by the felucca which is a traditional wooden boat with large white sails. This again starts from Aswan carrying onto Luxor and takes in the impressive Valley of Kings and KomOmbo before heading to the red Sea where you can indulge in a spot of deep sea diving. Lying on the deck as you glide through the river, you will be lulled into sleep by the sound of the gentle waters and the wind in the sails.

Create your own magical Nile cruise in Egypt and make your holiday unforgettable!

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Luxor cruises- discover ancient Egypt in style and comfort
By orientaltours, 07:49

For decades, Nile cruises have been at the forefront of any travel to Egypt and travellers have been taking this cruise to transport them back to the mystical era of the Pharaohs. Since most cruises begin in Aswan or Luxor, Luxor cruises are very popular with tourists with time to spare.

If flying into Cairo, Luxor can be reached either by flight, train or coach; else, you can fly directly to Luxor and commence your Egypt holiday from there with Luxor cruises. Typically, Luxor Cruises last for a week and the cruise starts with a stopover at the east bank of the Nile at the temples of Luxor and Karnak. The cruise carries on to the west bank of the Nile where you get to see the stunning Valley of the Kings housing the tombs of the Pharaohs. After lunch on board, the cruise takes you to the temples of KomOmbo and Edfu before moving forward to Aswan.

At Aswan, your Luxor cruises let you explore the city and you will be taken on a short ride on the traditional sailing boat of Egypt, the felucca. Book lovers will love the chance to visit the Cataract Hotel where a part of Agatha Christie’s famous mystery, ‘Death on the Nile’ was written. There is also an optional trip to Abu Simbel to visit its magnificent temples and which is well worth the extra rate and the time. From here, the cruise turns back to Luxor with some more stops enroute and once back at Luxor, it’s time to bid adieu.

Luxor cruises provide you with an opportunity to discover ancient Egypt in style and you can watch 5000 years of history unfold accompanied by warm hospitality.

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Tuesday, 25. June 2013
Spend your amazing vacation with Egypt Tours
By orientaltours, 10:09

On today’s world there are various amazing places for spending the vacation but Egypt tour is the best effective place where you can find the nature of beauty. There are 7 wonders around the world but pyramid in Egypt is one of the best wonder among them. The history & culture of Egypt is really so fantastic & amazing.

Well! Do you want to make your travel successful with your family members & beloved one? Then just come along to site where you can get best travel agency who helps you to choose best tours in Egypt. Our Egypt travel agent provides you travel packages, details over best capital city Cairo, pyramids, Aswan, Luxor all of the places with great scenario. Mainly people think over where to visit & what to see during their vacation time come down with Egypt tour which is great selection for every tourist. In fact, you can find in Egypt’s climate very exciting to see. Egypt has very hot climate so our travel agent provides the services means they give you fully advice like you have to wear sunglasses, sunscreen, shoes, hats which are protective to use. Do you have dream with great tour or make a plan for your vacation? Then makes your dream come true by Egypt Tours. Are you feeling hungry during the Egypt tour? Then ensure your health by taking the healthy food which boasts your energy. During Egypt tour you can you can find the delicious food in amazing restaurant for spending the holiday.

Choose out the best Egypt sightseeing scenario to enjoy the fun at travel destination for all travellers. So start your tour with your family members or beloved one to Egypt tours with affordable package at Do you have any doubt or facing problems then our travel expert guide you at any moment as per your need.

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Friday, 21. June 2013
Discover the Egypt tour with Dahabiya Nile Cruise
By orientaltours, 09:52

Do you want to make your holiday successful by visiting the site scenery & magical scenario?  Then don’t go anywhere just come along with Dahabiya Nile cruise where no of people are coming for their vacation & focusing on tourist point. Every people want to visit of interesting place for explore the natural & beauty of country. Dahabiya Nile Cruise is the exact tour place which is unbelievable to see & very pleasant to stay. It is heart of the country which offers good view of human made structures like pyramid & Giza.

Journey by house boat offers the romance of moments. Well! Cruise takes place every part of country which shows the ancient city as well as modern cities. If you are coming with your family members, kids & friends to Dahabiya Nile cruise tour then no doubt you will find various exciting places, shopping malls, delicious restaurants. Start your tour from the famous museum, Khan el-Khalili bazaar which is best shopping mall where you can get the variety of clothes at affordable price , you can stay over nights at hotel having deluxe accommodation, beautiful temples. When your day starts from the morning then what about your plan on today? You can start your tour by sightseeing scenario of Luxor, Karnak temple also have your breakfast & lunch on that restaurant. After that you can take your meal in dinner at Dahabiya hotel which is unbelievable one. Really dinners in sailing is superb experience & enjoy the excursion in Dahabiya is wonderful to visit. Some interesting places in Dahabiya are sailing to Esna, sail to Edfu, sail to Kom Ombo, Aswan after staying at airport & hotel come back to Dahabiya.

Every Dahabiya journey takes well known highlights on banks & known sites those who want to travel. So do you want to know about exclusive, relaxing way for travel? Then log on to where you can get the tips over Dahabiya tours.

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Thursday, 09. May 2013
Egypt tours: Why this holiday destination is one of a kind?
By orientaltours, 17:03

Egypt is a country which can be compared only with Egypt. No other holiday destination in the world offers so much to the sight and the soul. Where else in the world can you expect to see those pyramids which are, by far, considered the greatest architectural feat of the ancient man? Where else on the planet can you walk into those gargantuan temples which Luxor has to offer? Where else could you get to travel down the longest river Nile on the beautiful cruises which make your Egypt tours seem like some poetry?

There are many good places where one can holiday and honeymoon. But while every country has great shopping malls and some 21st century landmarks, none can overshadow Egypt when it comes to ancient wonders. We have all grown up reading about the mummies and the papyruses. We have all spend a huge part of our childhood in hearing tales of the Pharaohs and the strange customs of ancient Egyptians! For a random tourist, there is so much to see and explore in this part of the world that it is impossible to describe the effect of such a tour through mere use of words.

Egypt tours can actually overwhelm you and empower all your senses. From the museum of Cairo to the pyramids of Giza, from the temples of Luxor to the dam of Aswan, from the beaches of Sharm-el-Sheikh to the Dahabiya of Nile- the collective delights of this country will leave you spellbound and hypnotized.

The history, the geography, the culture, the architecture, the archaeology, the tradition, the myths, the beliefs, the legends, the horror- Egypt is a land which can numb your senses. With so many thrills on your cards, you can expect plenty of goose bumps!

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Dahabiya Nile cruise: Why a holiday package is profitable?
By orientaltours, 17:02

When you are planning to head for a Dahabiya Nile cruise, then it is recommended that you buy a holiday package. These holiday packages are offered by tour operators who run their services on both online and offline streams. So, it is easy to access their services without any fuss and to check out all the deals which they are exhibiting.

Now, going on a Dahabiya cruise using a package is very profitable for more than one reason. Here are the basic ones:

i. Money-saving: When one is going for an offshore destination, then budget is the uppermost thing on the mind of most of the tourists. Most of them come with an upper limit in their mind and if the budget exceeds the limit, then it can get really hard on the pockets. When one is opting for a holiday package, then he has the option to select the best deals as per his wish. With so many deals on offer and varying over various price ranges, it is convenient to choose one which will suit a particular class of tourist.

ii. Greater discounts: There are greater discounts to avail when one buys a holiday package. Most of these packages are sold in huge numbers to travelers from all around the world. So, the tour operators are able to cut down the cost easily and pass on the monetary benefits to the clients.

iii. Good planning: Dahabiya Nile cruise under a package is stitched up with friendly plans and itineraries. Besides, the tourists can select from different programs to suit the duration length and the total budget.

iv. Higher facilities: Since multiple number of tourists travel under such packages, the facilities provided are complete and comprehensive. Even travel guides and translators are available on the decks.

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